User Roles

Defining Different “Roles” for different sorts of users is an important part of any digital humanities project. 

The following documents outline our layered approach to collaboration, from editors to contributors to discussion participants to readers.  What do you think of these ideas?  How can we clarify them for users?  What roles have we missed?

Du Chemin_Key_Challenges_7_2011  Freedman’s overview of the main tasks before us:  defining user roles, creating user interface, documentation of history, methods, and news; and problems of citation and encoding.

DuChemin_Public_Updates_2011.  While we await Gilbert’s work for the User Blog, here is an overview of the main elements:  News, Community, History, etc.  You can find these on the main Du Chemin companion site, too:

Du Chemin_User_Personas_2011  This is the profile of five hypothetical users, compiled by Jen Rajchel following conversations with Freedman.

Gilbert_duchemin_notes_2011.  Here you can read Joe Gilbert’s reactions to these ideas, along with his advice on updates to the main Du Chemin interface.

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