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Next Steps

  • TEI and Du Chemin Plan 9/2012:  What we know, and what we need to decide with the help of the BVH team.  Read this document to see how we might adapt a TEI schema to our needs, and how to encode literary texts from the Du Chemin set.

Pilot Projects

Queries and Forms

Bibliographical Resources:

Lachevre, Frederick.  Bibliographie des recueils collectifs de poèsies du XVIe siècle (du Jardin de plaisance, 1502, aux Recueils de Tousssaint du Bray, 1609).  Paris:  Leclerc, 1901.  Digitized U of Texas library

Frank Dobbins, “Recueils collectifs de musique et de poèsie,” in Poète et son oeuvre:  De la composition à la publication, ed. Jean-Eudes Girot, pp. 147-72.  Geneva:  Droz 2004.  WorldCatRecord

Literary Texts and Encodings:  Questions for Discussion

One of the goals of our project is to present the literary texts of the chansons in various ways.   David Fiala and his students have already made considerable progress in transcribing the texts of the chansons (see the companion web site here).  We nevertheless need to make some basic editorial decisions the sorts of scholarly questions we want to address in our study of these texts, and thus how we want to encode them using TEI and other tools.  Do we want …

  • notes on verse and rhyme structure (as an aid to analysis of the music)?;
  • English translations?;
  • information about differences among the texts as presented in each of the four voice parts?;
  • information about abbreviations, and notation of mute “e”?;
  • with information about the circulation of the poetry in other musical settings, and in literary sources, too (both for critical study of the texts and also for their reception history).  Thus notes on authorship, sources, and textual variants in sources beyond the Du Chemin books?
  • How will users want to consult these various encodings?

For notes and ideas see the following documents:

C_DuChemin_Newberry_10_4_2011   Notes from the Newberry Library conversations in Sept 2011.

DuChemin_TEI_Specs_2011.   Notes from the conversations in Tours, Oct 2011.

D_Marot_O_cruaulte_TEI_2 A series of images showing how one might encode a sample literary text from the Du Chemin set.  TEI and Facsimiles.

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