Music Encoding

As noted in the Key Challenges document of July 2011, we need to exchange our musical encodings among various systems.  Sibelius is great for nicely engraved editions.  CMME can display variants and versions.  Compatibility with MEI is a key component of our plan.  Until a full set of MEI tools is available for help with these transformations, MusicXML will serve as our means of interchange.  The following documents explain the processes as we understand them in 2011.

Questions for Discussion:
How will we preserve various sorts of meta-data in our XML files (see below for some tentative steps that await final documentation)?
Should we find ways to include analytic or descriptive “tags” in our XML encodings?  Would these help us identify and retrieve individual phrases?  Commonplaces?
Important Reference Documents for discussion about Sibelius, Music XML, MEI, and CMME.

The following are new or revised for January 2012:

MEI_to_HTML5_to_Screen_demo_2012.  Sibelius to MEI to HTML5.  Very new:  how to use Raffaele Viglianti’s system to transform MusicXML files generated by Sibelius into MEI.  And how to use VexFlow to render standard musical notation in a HTML5 browser.  Images and text.    See text only version here: Sibelius_to_MEI_VexFlow_Vigliante.pdf 

Sibelius_to_MusicXML_with_Metadata_2012    How to use Sibelius 7 to create various metadata fields that will persist in MusicXML exports and thus to MEI.  Images and text.

Sibelius_Phrase_Export_Tags.  Three ways to save individual phrases or other short passages:  as screen shot, as sibelius score export, and with embedded expression tags for export as MusicXML and MEI.  Images and text.

Sibelius_BatchPlugIns_2012.  How to use Sibelius Plug-Ins to process many files at once, in order to specify meta-data, layout information, and create MusicXML or PDF exports in batches.  Also a list of useful Sibelius Plug-ins.

Sibelius_Versions_Ideas.  How to use the “versions” and “ideas” features of Sibelius.  Limited value for MusicXML and MEI, since they present certain difficulties for export and version control.



SiB_XML_Notes_RF  October 2011.  More notes on Sib 7 and XML, in outline form.  No images.  See file above instead.

XML_CMME_notes_RF   October 2011. Findings on CMME and XML.  No images

Description of MEI Variant Viewer (MEISE), under development for MEI by J. Dabbert.


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