DC@Haverford 2012


NEW:  DuChemin@Haverford_2012_Minutes from Du Chemin @ Haverford

NEW: PDF’s of Individual Presentations
Adam Crandell (Metadata, Collections, Libraries)
Andrew Hankinson (Music Encoding, MEI)
Jessie Rodin (link to Josquin Research Project)
Xavier Bisaro (CESR Tours Atelier virtuelle de restitution polyphonique)
Ichiro Fujinaga (McGill SIMSSA)
Julie Cumming (McGill ELVIS Project)

NEW: Recordings of the individual sessions (MP3 download):
I.  Getting into the Music
II.  View from the Library
III. Music Encoding
IV. Round Table of Digital Early Music Project Part 1  Part 2
V.  Literary Texts.  Part 1  Part 2


Program Poster for Du Chemin @ Haverford February 2-4, 2012
Program Packet for Du Chemin @ Haverford February 2-4, 2012.
Recording of the Du Chemin @ Haverford February 2-4, 2012.
RecordingGuide  (shows timings and instructions for listening)

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