Welcome to the Digital Du Chemin Project.  Follow the links to the main pages to read about:


  • About (the scope and goals of our work)
  • News (recent and upcoming events, improvements and additions to the site)
  • History (some background on the steps we have taken in developing the resource)
  • Policies (guidelines for fair use of the facsimiles, editions, and commentaries)
  • People (who is who, and where, in the Du Chemin Project)
  • Sponsors (sources of support and funding)
  • Standards (documentation of our editorial guidelines, and principles for the digital archive)
  • Community (how you can contact the editors, participate in reconstructions, or use the resource in scholarship or teaching)

See the links at right to return to the Du Chemin Project and its various allied resources.

To read about the recent Ecole thematique 2011, and download Freedman’s presentation, listen to and see reconstructions of chansons, see the post at the right.



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